Inbound Talent

An Employer Brand and Digital Recruitment Marketing Agency

We have over 10 years of experience working within and outside the recruitment and marketing environment at every level. Our expertise includes the creation of RPO models and the work we performed for many of our clients who operate in different industries where we had the chance to test our workflows and strategies on talent acquisition and recruitment, sourcing and market research, where we tailored our digital marketing efforts specifically for recruitment.

We firmly believe in the power and contribution digital marketing gives to recruitment not only by modernising processes with innovative and proactive approaches, but also to increase its effectiveness and recruiting ROI.

We are an employer brand and digital recruitment marketing agency that solves the most common talent acquisition problems from talent attraction to talent retention. After years in the recruitment field, and having dealt with many clients from different industries, we realised that there is a need to reduce the gap between the marketing and the recruitment division.

We help organisations with an innovative approach to better attract passive candidates, empower employer brand, and create unique and unforgettable engagement strategies to preserve the candidate experience.

Our story

Our Vision

Giving recruitment digital marketing power!

Our Mission

Reducing the gap between recruitment and marketing by creating innovative and up-to-date digital solutions that provide recruiting and human resource departments the competitive edge they need in this digital era. Additionally, we make sure that we create unique and unforgettable engagement strategies to preserve the candidate experience.
Linda Davis

Linda Davis

CEO @ Davis Nolan Group

Linda founded Next Generation in 2007 with a clear vision in mind of providing a superior service to both clients and candidates. As a CEO she has an innate talent for grasping advancing recruitment and IT systems, Marketing initiatives, Business and Commercial strategies which keeps the company in a strategic and competitive position.

Emma Quinn

Emma Quinn

Account & Marketing Manager

Emma is a hands on Marketing Manager with almost 9 years working in recruitment space and has an MSc in Digital Marketing & Analytics. Emma is behind the creative concept, development, design and implementation and promotion of the Next Generation brand. Emma creates strategic plans and drives them from concept to completion utilising the most up to date and innovative marketing technology out there to stay ahead of the game. She partners with clients to help them carve out and execute value adding Talent Attraction Strategies for our clients. Emma is also the driving force behind the DatSci Awards, Ireland’s Data Science Awards.