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The Secret Sauce for Effective Inbound Recruitment Marketing

There is no way you haven’t witnessed the drastic changes that have occurred within the world of recruitment and the difficulties that came along with it. Let’s face it, the outbound, cold-calling, and finding the best job posting sites for employers days are over. For good!

Talent pools shrink, top talent become scarce, employee engagement strategies seem to fail and many organisations put in hundreds, if not thousands, of euros, dollars, YEN, Rupees into their recruitment processes, to no avail. More than ever before, companies need to start working on their talent attraction and inbound marketing strategies.


And it gets worse…


With the advent of social media and other job searching tools, candidates don’t need you anymore. In fact, it’s even been argued by Dr. John Sullivan, internationally known HR thought-leader from the Silicon Valley, in his latest article that recruitment will be replaced by technology.

I’ve witnessed (too) many companies who try to hire and, more importantly, retain their candidates at all costs. Which is a bitter pill to swallow especially if you consider this era where job hopping has become the status quo and all your (financial) effort may lead to nothing.

But who can blame them? When your talent pool is limited, project deadlines are close, your senior account manager is about to retire, your competition offers a higher salary to your top developer, and suddenly, you’re understaffed, and your retention costs have gone through the roof, you need to do something to keep the engine going, right?

Something is missing…


“Great!” What now then?


It’s an all-time classic, but ask yourself the following: what drives you to go to work every day? What makes you think your employees wake up every morning and say “YES! Time to go to work at company X”?

Those are the million dollar questions you need to get answered before you can even start with brainstorming on how you can improve your employer brand.

Not many companies realise, though, it’s usually not the benefits that enables you to find and retain employees for your organisation (although don’t stop investing in those, you definitely need them), but rather a sound employer value proposition.

A quick recap of this extremely important definition; Employee value proposition, or, EVP stands for the complete benefit package your company is offering. This goes beyond the salary employees can expect.

These are the key non-monetary benefits that make your employees proud about the fact they are working for YOUR company. Companies who lose sight of their EVP are bound to run into trouble when it comes to attracting talent.

I’ll go over a few employer value proposition examples in the following section of this article, but first I’m going to explain you a thing or two about a “little” thing called your employment branding strategy (not be confused with the previously mentioned employer branding strategy).

All of this is part of Inbound Recruitment Marketing. The time has arrived that more companies should shift their focus on inbound recruiting so that candidates will come to you instead of the other way around. If you’re still wondering “what is inbound recruiting”, keep reading. There is more good stuff coming your way.


Oh dear, more marketing fluff…


That’s one way to call it, but wouldn’t you like to be remembered by your past, current, and future employees as a great company to (have) work(ed) for? Of course, you do! And this is where your employment branding strategy plays a crucial role. It simply defines how the market overall views your company.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I don’t want to work at Google”? Chances are you probably didn’t. Why?

Because aside from salaries, Google has the overall reputation that it’s an awesome company to work for and to get a reputation like this it will take a lot of time and effort, but it’s going to be worth it as plenty of employees will stand at your door asking if you would like to hire them, because they see the value your organization has to offer.


Bold statement? Definitely.


But it couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the reasons why companies face so many difficulties in attaining to top talent is simply because they are blended into the general perception where all the companies are the same and offer the same benefits even though this might (and probably isn’t) not even be true.

This is a problem, but without giving too much thought it poses a great opportunity as well.

The sole fact that the employees you aspire to hire seem so far away is because they cannot distinguish great companies from those that have a mediocre employment branding strategy in place, which, as said before is a fundamental part of the inbound methodology.


And that is where it’s your time to shine! (Albeit with a bit of help)


But before I jump to the part where I will explain you how Inbound Talent can help you with your inbound recruitment marketing efforts, I want to make your life a bit easier by giving a nice visualization of all the terms I’ve used previously in this article. I can imagine that distinguishing employer branding from employment branding from employee value proposition can be quite a hassle, so here you go:


The Secret Sauce for effective inbound recruitment marketing

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Inbound Talent, at your service


Now then, with all these changes in the sphere of recruiting top talent, it’s only normal that you might need some help. I don’t want to bombard you with too much marketing jargon, I’ll give an overview of what we do and how we do it in the following section of this article.


Employer branding


Every company has a website, and more than likely, a career section as well. But as you might’ve noticed the visitors that come to your website are 1. Not all qualified, 2. Not all searching for a job, and if they do 3. They don’t seem to convert via the career section on your webpage. Something is missing to get them to upload their CV.

There are plenty of reasons as to why this is happening, but that’s not your concern.

That’s our job.

By using the tools that we have at our disposal to stimulate web traffic and content writers who are dedicated to create and optimise existing content, you will shortly see a steady growth of website visitors, and more importantly qualified website visitors.

The keyword here is content. Simply having a career section won’t cut it anymore. Relevant and tailored content to attract the candidates your business needs. We need to start working on identifying what pain points do your desired candidates face, what do they want to read, and moreover, what are they searching for in a job. In other words, educate them.

By elevating exactly this type of content, be it an employer brand video, article, case study, e-book, you can expect to attract a more qualified audience that in turn would love to apply for a job at a company they can trust. The main thing is that nowadays candidates need proof as to why your company is the place to work for. And we can make that happen as it’s all in tandem with your employer brand.

Which leads me to the following.


Improving and leveraging your employee value proposition


We’ll start off by getting a better idea of what it’s like to work at you company by means of a rigorous company culture assessment. This will help us to help you leveraging the things that makes your organisation, your organisation!

Remember when I mentioned the word “trust” previously? This is exactly what it’s about. By showing your future applicants what makes your company stand out as an organisation, how you can assist them in their career path, and how they will be rewarded for their hard work. You don’t only get the talent you’re after, but you also show your transparency as a company. Which nowadays is crucial when it comes to attracting qualified candidates.

This, by the way, is the reason websites such as Glassdoor exist. Candidates are hungry for information and very curious how it would look like to work for your company Click To Tweet and we help you to show that to the world. They want to know if the company matches their own purpose.

But it doesn’t just stop at displaying the benefits. It needs to come from a source that resonates with your potential candidates. And what source is better than your own employees? They are your ambassadors.

By letting us work on your employee engagement strategies, which enables your employees to freely speak their minds after asking them a few questions, we will capture all this valuable information and translate it into rich media that in turn will be used to show future candidates what can be expected when they apply for a position within your organisation.


Next up: Digital Recruiting


Once rich media is created, we can start with the creation of landing pages and include e.g. a video showing the testimonials from your brand ambassadors i.e. your employees. This is where your future hires will sign-up and provide their details to you, which leads us to the following step of the inbound recruitment process.

The moment you start to collect candidate details, it is of the utmost importance to segment all the details to create a well-established content marketing workflow, which is the point where we can determine the stage of the candidate’s journey towards applying at your company.

Not every candidate is the same, nor are your job openings. That is why we at Inbound Talent pay extremely close attention to the candidate persona, Click To Tweet the starting point of every marketing campaign. What drives them? What are their pain points in searching for a job? What makes them switch jobs, and wat retains them?

Those are all the questions we will answer for you, so that we are able to create workflows that provide tailored information to the right people who signed up via the landing page.


Congratulations, you got yourself a well-segmented talent community!


That’s right. After having implemented and reiterated the aforementioned steps for optimal candidate outreach we are finally able to provide you with a segmented list of people who are or might be interested in applying for a job at your company. This all depends on the candidate’s journey, which we keep track of.

It might be that some of the candidates in your community might not be ready yet to find a new job. That is why we will deliver them relevant Talent Community content on an on-going which is part of the lead generation strategy.

Keeping track and staying engaged with those who already showed an interest in your company by signing up via the landing page is a great cost-effective way to re-engage and offer newly opened positions to those candidates who reached the stage in their journey where they are interested in applying for a job.


What else do you need?


Let us find out!

There is much more we have to tell you, but we don’t want you to waste your time or your money. This is why we, for a limited time only, give a free audit to identify your biggest needs and issues you’re struggling with followed by a free consultation. And of course, no strings attached.

I’m looking forward to getting in touch with you and discuss how we can improve your recruitment process.

Linda Davis


Linda founded Next Generation in 2007 with a clear vision in mind of providing a superior service to both clients and candidates.

As a CEO she has an innate talent for grasping advancing recruitment and IT systems, Marketing initiatives, Business and Commercial strategies which keeps the company in a strategic and competitive position.

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