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Maximize Your Recruiting ROI and Skyrocket Your Employer Brand

EVP and Employer Brand

We believe the company culture is your best recruiter! Uncover or discover your EVP to better attract, convert, engage, and retain talent and showcase your company culture values.

Recruitment Marketing

Inbound and digital marketing solutions to attract the right talent and to maximise your recruiting ROI and brand awareness. An innovative and proactive talent acquisition approach.

Talent community

Build or re-engage with your talent pool, through tailored action plans and customisable long-term nurturing campaigns supported with marketing automation.

Content and Storytelling

Creating compelling and high ranking content to increase your conversion and the number of applicants. Also making your employee’s stories come alive.

Web Development

Create or revamp your career site for both mobile and desktop with a user friendly experience, and a smooth application process that reduces the number of clicks.

Social Media

Build a strong online presence that helps attracting niche talent and creates brand awareness. We help you to create social media marketing strategies to amplify your company culture.

Market Research

Analyse the market and mapping the competitive landscape along with the talent pool from direct competitors or companies where it is possible to attract talent from.

sourcing strategies

Develop sourcing strategies with proven tactics and methods to increase your effectiveness and efficiency.


Deliver in-depth workshop sessions to train your recruitment team and give them the right knowledge to build an inbound talent attraction strategy using digital recruitment marketing.

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75% More Qualified Applicants

43% Lower Cost per Hire


Companies that implement a digital recruitment marketing strategy

not only empower their employer brand, but as you can see they see some interesting data

28% Lower Turnover Rate

2x faster time to hire

Our Mission

Reducing the gap between recruitment and marketing by creating innovative and up-to-date digital solutions.

Nearly 73% of 18-34 year olds found their last jobs online or through social networks. And around 60% of candidates have had a poor candidate experience. Are you digitally oriented with a strong online presence, and is your brand strong enough to outperform the competition?


how we do inbound recruitment marketing


Analyse your Talent Acquisition process, Employer Brand position, and also understand the current status of your EVP to effectively communicate with a talent pool.


Crafting an inbound and digital recruitment marketing strategy looking at the competitive landscape. And creating a strong culture manifesto based on the EVP to attract the right talent after having created the candidate persona.


Creating or revamping your employer branding to attract and engage with both active job seekers and passive talent. And leverage the inbound marketing principles, tailored specifically to recruitment to build candidate attraction and sourcing strategies that help to engage passive talent.

Launch and Measure

Measure and fine-tune the strategy to make sure the KPIs are met. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment team by optimising the whole process and get the best long-term recruiting ROI.

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What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing are the strategies, tactics and methods an organisation uses to find, attract, engage and nurture talent before they apply for a job. It is the collection of activities that make anyone interested in your brand or career opportunities before joining the recruitment process.

What is Employee Value Proposition (EVP)?

The Employee Value Proposition is the complete package you offer to your employees, not only the monetary but all other rewards as well: pay and benefits, development programs, location, flexible work arrangements, wellness programs, Corporate Social Responsibility program, company values, vision and mission, great management, purpose, etc. The things that make them proud to be your brand ambassadors and make them talk to friends and family away from the workplace and across social media.

What is employer branding?

Your employer brand is your reputation as an employer and helps the candidate to make a decision whether they would like to work with you. It is what makes your firm unique, it shows what it means to work here. That decision is cognitive, but also often emotional.

What is employment branding?

The employment brand is the market perception of what it is like to work for an organisation. It is the image that your future, current and past employees have about the employment experience at your company.